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The following Policy in respect billing of members dues will be strictly enforceable by the Club Management;

a) All monthly bills shall be payable within a period of 30 days from the date of issuance of the bills. Any amount remaining outstanding beyond the period of 30 days shall be considered a ‘default amount’.

b) Any amount outstanding after the expiry of 30 days shall be subject to late payment charges as per Club policy on a daily basis for the number of days the payment of the bill is delayed.

c) If a member’s bill is outstanding beyond the 30 days period and is consequently marked as a default amount, the members privilege to charge credit at the Club for any and all facilities shall be suspended and the member’s account hence locked. This will be without notice upon conclusion of the 30 day period. The member may ofcourse pay in cash for facilities used when the account is locked.

d) If a member has a default amount beyond 90 days the all membership privileges shall stand suspended including use of the Club facilities on cash payment or otherwise.

e) If a member does not clear their default amount within 30 days of the membership being suspended (i.e. default exceeds 120 days) the member’s default shall be referred to the Managing Committee for a decision and imposition of any penalty the Managing Committee may see fit.

In the event that your credit privilege is locked you can have it immediately opened online by making the necessary payment to clear outstanding default amount at the Finance Office of the Club.

Furthermore, please update your postal address and email address with the Club Office so as to enable to us to ensure that your monthly bill gets to you immediately and efficiently.

For further information please contact: admin@gcclub.org.pk

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